Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Industry: Industry Trends

Our product is part of the Containers and Packaging Industry.

The United States containers and packaging market grew by 2.5% in 2007 to reach a value of $112.8 billion. In 2012, the United States containers and packaging market is forecast to have a value of $126 billion. Market share of metal/plastic for this industry is 29.4%.*

*This includes tin cans and plastic food packaging.

Contain8, Inc. Mission Statement

We, contain8, inc., will strive to maximize the convenience of taking food on the go by studying the way people work and play in their daily activities. By considering the environment, we will be able to create earth friendly products that are completely reusable.

About Our Product

We are manufacturing a container that is separated into two side by side compartments, whose contents can be combined with the simple removal of the top of the container. Our product will offer buyers the ability to eat a meal on the go with no mess. It is a compact, handheld container. This product is unique because no product is currently on the market that allows the contents of two compartments to be combined within the container itself.

It will especially be useful for joining foods that remain separate until the eating actions is going to take place. For example, cereal gets soggy when left in milk for an extended period of time. Thus, milk can be kept cool in one insulated compartment, while the cereal itself sits in the other insulated compartment, until just before eating, when the container top can be removed, joining the two content and the user can eat straight out of the now opened top, reaching a spoon all the way to the bottom. Other food combinations are yogurt and granola, spaghetti and tomato sauce, soup and crackers, salad and salad dressing, etc.